JWJ6 Waterjet 12,000

4 Wheel Drive / 4 Wheel Steer

The Jacon Waterjet 12,000L has been purpose built to provide a range of applications to the mine in order to accelerate development cycles.

Key features
  • 12,000L water tank capacity
  • Ability to spray up to height of 50m
  • Spray bars used to spray decline faces and walls to suppress dust
  • Used to waterblast stope hung ups
  • Wash vehicles and truck trays from hung up dirt
  • Can be driven and operate remotely to the stopes
  • Option to set up with fire-fighting capabilities
  • Transport potable water around site
  • Option to set up with thermal imaging camera for heat detection
  • Watering decline faces over the top of the unit
  • Adjustable water pump speed from cabin


4 Wheel Drive / 4 Wheel Steer


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