Jacon EquipmentNewsJacon Transmix Shotcrete Combo – Revolutionizing the Shotcrete Industry

Jacon Transmix Shotcrete Combo – Revolutionizing the Shotcrete Industry

Posted in: News, Posted on: May 2016

The Jacon Transmix 6000 Shotcrete Combo is the first underground combination shotcrete + concrete mixer in the world. The concept was defined when understanding that there is a need in the market for a machine capable of transporting concrete to the heading, unfolding the boom, and applying shotcrete. This vehicle has enabled the ability to perform complete ‘one man operation’.

The “Combo” has been considered to bring a number of benefits to the mine, contractors as well as the individuals who operate the machine:

  • Safer Worksite
  • Cost effective
  • One piece of equipment applying fibrecrete (opposed to two)
  • Reduced diesel particulates
  • Reduction in personnel underground
  • Reduction in vehicle interactions
  • Reduction in heavy machinery traffic underground
  • Reduction in heat underground
  • Increased mine productivity
  • Reduces stress on mines ventilation system


For further details please contact sales via sales@jacon.com.au

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