Who we are

Since its establishment in 1978, Jacon has advanced to become a major player in the niche field of designing, manufacturing and supplying concrete pumping, spraying and transportation equipment to the mining and construction industry in Australia and overseas.

Jacon Technologies is well recognised for its innovative approach to ensuring the most cutting edge technologies and equipment are applied to all of its products. The company markets its products both locally in Australia and Vietnam as well as in North & South America, China, South East Asia and the Russian Federation. Jacon’ clients are primarily mine and construction sites which require sophisticated machinery, equipment and cutting edge technology to ensure safe and effective operations at each site

Jacon’s mission is to make the experience rewarding, provide an improve quality of life and make the world a better place



Leadership: Be Innovative and question the accepted

Collaboration: A star team is superior than a star player

Integrity: treat situations with empathy

Accountability: Quality at a fair cost

Passion: be proud of your contribution

Quality: No compromise


Customer success is our success: If success rains on them, success sprinkles on us

Listen, Learn, Act: Their problems are our problems

World’s Best Products and Services at good value


Sense of Community: Treat all the way you want to be treated

Success: happy staff, happy customers

Quality: is not about getting it right, it is about never getting it wrong


New Global Team Members

  Due to this rapid expansion both locally and internationally, Jacon have identified the need to restructure management in order to streamline their operations. In…

Jacon Transmix Shotcrete Combo – Revolutionizing the Shotcrete Industry

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