Not only will it create a working situation that helps to minimize machine downtime, it will provide the customers with information to increase machine performance.

Mine sites are generally located in remote areas which means availability of parts can become a major problem for equipment service and breakdowns. By adapting internet connectivity to our equipment we can monitor performance, engine hours and trend conditions that will give us sufficient data to better analyse the condition of the equipment and have spare parts and service information available in an orderly and timely manner. So long as there is mobile data coverage on the mine site, the Jcare TCS system will allow us to send and receive data to and from the operating machines at any time.

TCS Benefits;
  • Improved reliability of equipment
  • Improved availability of equipment
  • Improved efficiency of equipment
  • Improved reporting log data for QA/QC
  • Increase mining productivity
  • Reduced reporting workload for operators
  • Reduced workload for maintenance personnel
  • Reduced workload for procurement staff
  • Accurate spare parts identification
  • Avoid expensive priority/urgent freight costs