Jacon Develop Concrete Mixer/Pump for Tunnelling Works

April 11, 2016


As part of the ongoing collaboration with Techni-Metal Systemes of France, Jacon has developed a modular, low profile, combination shotcrete pump/concrete mixer to be directly installed on a Techni-Metal MSV. This unit is purpose built for cross passage works where the Jacon combination mixer/pump can be directly connected to a shotcrete boom manipulator. With the supply of modular options for the MSV, it enables greater versatility of equipment on site whilst maintaining a cost effective and efficient solution for the tunnelling works. Specific features of the unit:

  • Cable Reel for electric power
  • Tramming mixing as well as basic emergency cleanout from MSV hydraulics
  • Chemical pump for shotcrete feature
  • 8.5m3 concrete bowl
  • 20m3/hr Concrete pump connects directly to mobile shotcrete boom manipulator
  • Vertical reach 50m
  • Horizontal reach 150m
  • Pumps up to 20mm Aggregates


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