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Jacon Technologies Shotcrete Equipment product line is purpose built to withstand harsh underground environments. Through years of experience, Jacon have constructed a standardised fleet of shotcrete equipment that will meet the needs of any customer.

Midjet MK4.5

Length : 5.09m

Height : 2.45m

Width : 2.01m

Weight: 6,950 kgs


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Maxijet Pronto

Length :  6.26m

Height :  2.79m

Width :  2.00m

Weight: 12,370kgs


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Maxijet X3

Length : 6.13 m

Height : 2.9 m

Width : 2.25 m

Weight: 13,700kgs


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Transmix 6000 Shotcrete Combo

Length : 7.85 m

Height : 3.08 m

Width : 2.15 m

Weight: 17,490 kgs


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Maxijet 5000

Length: 7.95m

Height: 3.34m

Width: 2.2m

Weight: 16,180 kgs


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